Wind Arrangements

For well over a decade my arrangements and compositions have been played around the Midwest and around the country. As a former educator at the elementary, high school, and university levels, I make sure your wind book is interesting and compelling while being at an appropriate level for your ensemble. I firmly believe in the marching band as an extension of your total music program. Your program should be something your school and community can be proud of while still being competitive with the judges.

Over recent years, I have been setting up private web sites for you and your students to download music, full drill charts, and coordinate sheets. These sites are password protected. Many directors utilize this in an effort to allow students to print their drill and music at home. Not only does this save you time in front of the copier, but it also encourages increased responsibility and a sense of ownership for the production and the band.

I write all my music with Finale and utilize the Garritan Personal Orchestra Concert & Marching Band sound font for the MP3s. All scores and parts are delivered as Adobe PDF files. Should you also decide to have me write your drill, I provide online videos synced with the music so your students and staff can watch and listen to fully animated drill. This allows your students to be able to see the "big picture" ahead of time allowing them to have a better understanding of their responsibilities when they hit the field.

As a judge in the Midwest and the USBands, a constant frustration is seeing a program that has a solid wind book, an interesting visual presentation, yet there is no connection between the two. I look forward to speaking with you, your guard staff, and your percussion staff through the entire design process to insure that all of the design elements of the show are coordinated into one consistent, logical, and musical presentation.

Please note that all arrangements not in the public domain require the performing band to acquire copyright clearance. For additional information about securing permission to arrange, please visit my FAQ page. For a list of my other arrangements, please contact me by email.

Tired of dealing with copyright clearance? I have a number of original shows I have written for marching band. Click here to listen to samples from those shows as well as get information on how to commission an original show specific to the needs and strengths of your ensemble.

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Interested in talking about wind arrangements  for your program? Great! Contact me by phone or click here to get pricing information.
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